Price: $6,000

Seller: zoemo32b
State: California
City: San Diego
Zip code: 92101
Type: Cars

The mileage is not a typo - this truck has only 15,399 miles on it! We bought this for our construction business in , then ended up moving to California shortly after (where we don't have our contractor's license.)  We used the truck a little after we moved, for projects on our home, but recently it has just been sitting in the driveway taking up space and we figured its better to sell it to someone who can use it in their business, as it was extremely helpful in ours during the short time we used it!
This is a no-frills work truck.  There is no cruise control and no music options other than the radio.  However, fewer bells and whistles means there's also a lot less to go wrong. We've never had the battery die (even in the middle of a Boston winter) and it has had no mechanical problems in the 4 years that we've owned it. Extremely reliable and good at hauling all sorts of materials.  It is outfitted with a long bed (8 ft) that fits lumber and sheetrock very conveniently.  The interior is clean & in good condition.
This truck does have four wheel drive.  Its a part-time 4WD, so you can use 2WD most of the time to save on gas money and then just pop into 4WD when you need it.  
There is a small storage area behind the seats but really only enough to stow a coat and some lunch.  We did not buy any after-market add ons for this vehicle; its in exactly the same state that we drove it out of the dealership in.
The body damage along the passenger side is from a worksite mishap that happened shortly after we purchased the vehicle.  We debated fixing it but a) its just cosmetic, b) this is a work truck - people need it to get a job done, not to look pretty!, and c) we felt it discouraged anyone from trying to steal the vehicle (we worked in some shady areas.)  According to Kelley Blue Book, the value without the damage would be $16,323.
We are happy to help arrange for an independent inspection of the vehicle.