Price: $150

Seller: William
State: California
City: San Diego
Zip code: 92101
Type: Pets

Indoor Domestic Vaccinated Lap Kittens 1M`s & 2f``s Only 97 Days Old!
Chubby Healthy Properly Husbanded Baby Squeakers!
With Purrrfect Attention To All The Details.
Some With Naturally Bobbed Tails!
Some With Short Hair Some Semi Long Hair.
Mommy & Daddy Cat At Home.
With No Sick Days & No History Of Asthma.
All Have Been Eating Solid Foods Since Day 25.
We Weren't An Accident That Happened...We Were Wanted.
All Treatments Provided By A Retired Nurse.
1st Shot Given.
Ear Mite Drops Given.
De-Worming Medicine Given.
Bathed & Brushed. . . ZERO FLEAS.
Litter Box Trained.
Air Duster Used For Training & Motivation.
Leather Shoe String & Laser Beam Trained.
Scratch Pad Trained (with catnip).
We Eat Wet Meat x2 Daily And Have Dry Food Available to us 7/24.
Microchiping Fee Done In Front Of You (+ $25.00 Optional)
$150.00 Adoption Fee Or Flat Screen.
No Text Messaging Available.
Please No Friends, Family, Coworkers, Visitors, ...Just The Buyers ONLY.
Changing Houses Into Homes With An "International Smile" For 5 Years.
Please Call & Write My Number Down.
Bill (619) 218-
Thanks For Your View.